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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee membership includes mid- to upper-level managers of the respective Policy Committee members and other partnering agency representatives who are directly involved in Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan (CCMP) implementation activities. The Advisory Committee is charged with making policy decision recommendations to the Policy Committee.

Advisory Committee Members

Name: Affiliation:
L. Stanton Hales, Jr., Ph.D. Barnegat Bay Partnership (Co-Chair)
Karen Greene NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (Co-Chair)
Dr. Matthew Poach Science and Technical Advisory Committee (Chair)
Keith B. Marcoon Ocean County Utilities Authority
Scott M. Conklin Ocean County Utilities Authority (Alternate)
Terry Fowler US Army Corps of Engineers
Mary E. Brandreth US Army Corps of Engineers (Alternate)
Stephen Rochette US Army Corps of Engineers (Alternate)
Dr. Ron Baker US Geological Survey
Helen Henderson American Littoral Society (Alternate)
Kerry Kirk-Pflugh NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)
Lynette Lurig NJ DEP (Alternate)
Robert Parker NJ Department of Transportation
Carrie Mosley Natural Resources Conservation Service
Rob Tunstead Natural Resources Conservation Service (Alternate)
Dr. Peter Rowe New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium
Michael J. Danko New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (Alternate)
Matthew Csik Ocean County Health Department
Tim Dillingham
American Littoral Society
David McKeon Ocean County Planning Department
Victoria K. Pecchioli Ocean County Planning Department (Alternate)
Michael DeLuca Rutgers University - IMCS/JCNERR
Lisa Auermuller Rutgers University - IMCS/JCNERR (Alternate)
Kathy Haake Trust for Public Land
Virginia Rettig US Fish & Wildlife Service, Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
Mary Ann Bageac Barnegat Bay Foundation
Nesmarie Negrón US Environmental Protection Agency, Region II
Barbara Spinweber US Environmental Protection Agency, Region II (Alternate)
Michael Craghan US Environmental Protection Agency, Headquarters Liaison
Dr. Steven Yergeau Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County
Dr. Douglas Zemeckis Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Ocean County (Alternate)
Thomas Fote Jersey Coast Anglers Association
Melissa Danko Marine Trades Association of New Jersey
Matthew Kennedy
Ocean County College
Jenn Kelemen
Ocean County College (Alternate)
Christine Raabe Ocean County Soil Conservation District
Angela Andersen CEC Chair
Wes Dalzell CEC Co-Chair (Alternate)
David Wheeler Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ
Stephanie Egger Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ (Alternate)
Tony MacDonald Monmouth University
Carleton Montgomery PInelands Preservation Alliance
Charles Caruso Pinelands Preservation Alliance (Alternate)
Edward Wengrowski
New Jersey Pinelands Commission
Nancy Wittenberg New Jersey Pinelands Commission
Rick Bushnell ReClam the Bay
Clint Lehman ReClam the Bay (Alternate)
Britta Wenzel Save Barnegat Bay
Willie deCamp Save Barnegat Bay (Alternate)
Louise Wootton Georgian Court University
Will Ruocco
Brick MUA (Alternate)
Rob Karl Brick MUA
Shari Kondrup Brick MUA (Alternate)

Advisory CommitteE Meeting Documents

Advisory Committee Minutes -- Approved