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Education and Outreach

Education & Outreach

Public participation, education, and outreach are central to the Barnegat Bay Partnership's mission to protect and restore the Barnegat Bay estuary and its watershed.

In an ideal world, everyone who lived in or visited the Barnegat Bay watershed would understand and respect how the bay's ecosystem works and live their lives in a way that had minimal negative impact on it.  In reality though, it takes hard work and persistence to educate the diverse citizenry of the Barnegat Bay watershed about how to live in harmony with a healthy bay.  

In the Barnegat Bay watershed, a number of well-established and active organizations work hard to implement various forms of public education and outreach on watershed- and estuary-related topics.  These BBP partner organizations provide essential education and outreach programs and materials on a wide range of topics from water conservation to pinelands ecology. 
The New Jersey Department of Environment Protection (NJDEP) has recognized the importance of educating the public about the bay and its watershed.  "Educate the public" is Item #8 in the state's 10-point Action Plan for Barnegat Bay.  As part of its efforts to keep the public informed, the NJDEP issues periodic updates on the status of the Action Plan.  These updates include information about upcoming events, activities, and meetings. Click here to sign up to receive Barnegat Bay Action Plan Update emails from the NJDEP.

The Barnegat Bay Partnership Office plays a key role in creating and supporting collaborations between its partners on education and outreach initiatives. In addition, the BBP Office takes the lead on several of its own education and outreach initiatives.  Please use the navigation links on the left side of this page to find out more about BBP Education and Outreach programs and activities.