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Andrew Anderson

Organization: NJ State Park Service

Title: Resource Interpretive Specialist (Historic Resources)

Topic Area(s): Cedar Creek, Pine Barrens Industries, Atlantic White Cedar milling, cranberry harvesting, Double Trouble Village

Work Phone: 732-341-4098

Website: http://njparksandforests.org/parks/double.html

Double Trouble State Park 581 Pinewald Keswick Road Bayville, NJ 08721


Mr. Anderson is a historian with the New Jersey State Park Service. He has been presenting programs on the pine barrens for over two decades



He will give a presentation on the interaction of people and the environment at Double Trouble Village, focusing on the use of Cedar Creek as power and resource for a colonial era sawmill industry, to support a once-thriving cranberry farm, and modern-day efforts to maintain the quality of this pinelands stream.



He is available to speak to your Adult, College, and High School groups most weeks Wednesday through Sunday mornings and early afternoons. Additional days and times may be arranged based on availability. He will travel throughout New Jersey, schedule permitting, however his focus area is in Ocean County. A $50 off-site program fee is required by the state administrative code. He would bring a projector but would prefer if the organization provides a screen.

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