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Mike & Deborah Bennett

Organization: Boating Education And Rescue (BEAR)

Title: US Coast Guard Auxiliary Certified Instructors

Topic Area(s): Boating Barnegat Bay, Non Point Source Pollution, Oceans & Ocean Pollution,Marine pollution: causes, effects, and solutions

Home Phone: 732-492-4009

A fun learning experience for all ages.  Learn about the impact of pollution on our ecosystems and marine life.  See and learn what you can do to make a difference where we all live, work, and play.  This is an educational, interactive, eye-opening presentation about how "Everything eventually ends up in the water."
14 minute documentary video about "Inky the Whale" -- the story of a baby pygmy sperm whale that was stranded on our Jersey shore, and how she was rescued, diagnosed, treated, and released.
15 - 20 minute PowerPoint presentation discussing our local waters and the problem with pollutants -- trash, plastics, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.  Emphasis on what everyone can do to make a difference.

Availability:  Willing to travel to Ocean and Monmouth Counties and do not need to be reimbursed for travel expenses.  We have the audio/visual equipment needed for the presentation.  There is no fee for our services. 

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