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Shellfish Working Group

The Barnegat Bay Partnership’s (BBP) Shellfish Working Group (SWG) is an ad-hoc committee formed in May 2014 under the purview of the BBP Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) as set forth in the STAC charter document.  The SWG charge was to review the conclusions and recommendations of the BBP sponsored white paper “Status and Trends of Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, Shellfish Populations in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey” by Bricelj et al. (2012), and develop short, medium, and long term research, rehabilitation, and policy recommendations that the BBP, and its partners, can pursue as part of an overall shellfish restoration program (including, but not limited to hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica), and bay scallop (Argopecten irradians)) within Barnegat Bay.  

The composition of the working group was purposely designed to include representation from a variety of stakeholders, including resource managers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), researchers, and the shellfish industry, in order to capture the breadth of experience and opinions present within the shellfish community. It was hoped that the diversity of organizations participating in the SWG would lead to potentially novel approaches to difficult problems and to new partnerships that otherwise may not have formed.

Members of the Barnegat Bay Partnership Shellfish Working Group
Name Affiliation
Jim Vasslides Barnegat Bay Partnership
Russ Babb Chief, NJDEP Bureau of Shellfisheries
Rick Bushnell ReClam the Bay
Gef Flimlin Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Matt Gregg 40 North Oyster Farn
Capt. Alek Modjeski American Littoral Society
Dr. Daphne Munroe Rutgers University - Haskins Shellfish Research La
Jeff Normant NJDEP Bureau of Shellfisheries
Dale Parsons Jr. Parsons Seafood
Barbara Spinweber EPA Region 2, Barnegat Bay Program Coordinator
Matthea Yepsen The Nature Conservancy
Britta Wenzel Save Barnegat Bay


The recommendations of the Shellfish Working Group were accepted by the Science and Technical Advisory Committe in December of 2014 and can be downloaded here.