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Video Gallery

State of the Bay 2016 gives a video overview of the findings of the State of the Bay Report 2016. What is the current condition of the Barnegat Bay? Has the bay's health changed over the last five years? See scientists in action monitoring water quality, fish and wildlife resources, and habitats and collecting data used to determine the status and trends of indicators of the bay's health. Learn more about the plan (Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan) used to guide protection and restoration efforts for the bay and how the Barnegat Bay Partnership is using the latest science and public input to make revisions to the plan.

Life on the Barnegat Bay is a documentary about the declining conditions in Barnegat Bay and the efforts of our partners to protect and restore it. Produced by the Barnegat Bay Partnership and Ocean TV-20 at Ocean County College, the film was originally broadcast on local cable television in January 2011. 

Life on the
Barnegat Bay features Pete McLain, who passed away in 2014.  Pete was a wildlife biologist and deputy director of NJ Fish and Wildlife who lived and worked on the bay for over sixty years.

Tribute to Pete McLain records the memories of people who knew Pete during a memorial gathering at Island Beach State Park in 2014.  Individuals from the environmental community share their wonderful stories about him and his many accomplishments.  


Protect Barnegat Bay
This video by Samantha Chandler, a student at Lacey Township High School, is the First Place winner in the Barnegat Bay Partnership's Protect Our Bay - Protect Our Future Art Contest, which was part of the 2016 Ocean County Teen Arts Festival. 


Monitoring American Eel Migration in the Barnegat Bay Watershed
Barnegat Bay Partnership research staff monitor the winter ingress of juvenile American eels into Barnegat Bay rivers after a long migration from the Sargasso Sea. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)

Bay-Friendly Lawns
This video explains why the New Jersey Fertilizer Law was passed, introduces viewers to the requirements of the law, and gives tips about how to grow a healthy lawn while reducing the amount of nitrogen carried into our waterways and the bay. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)



Protect Our Bay, Protect Our Future
Summer recreation program campers from South Toms River experience the Barnegat Bay ecosystem and share why the bay is important to them and their future. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)




Barnegat Bay Partnership: Research, Educate, and Restore 
See BBP staff and partners in action as they work to protect the bay. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)




Dunes -- Flood Protection for Coastal Communities 
Learn how dunes are formed and why they are critical in protecting coastal communities from flooding during coastal storms. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)



 Barnegat Bay Wetlands
This video describes the value of wetlands for flood protection, wildlilfe habitat, and water quality and shows researchers as they study the condition of the wetlands in the Barnegat Bay watershed before and after Hurricane Sandy.  Sea level rise, development, and other threats to the wetlands are examined. (Video by BBP and Jarvis Productions)



Aqua Kids at Barnegat Bay

Aqua Kids is a nationally syndicated children’s program which aims to “motivate today’s youth to take an active role in protecting and preserving our marine environments.” In the shows, a group of enthusiastic young adults get into the water and out on the marsh as they explore marine habitats through hands-on experiences. Viewers feel as if they are part of the action, and episodes highlight information about how to get involved in protecting our valuable marine resources.  

In the spring of 2014, the BBP was contacted by George A. Stover III, creator and producer of Aqua Kids, about shooting in the Barnegat Bay region.  BBP staff provided ideas, contacted partners about participating, and assisted with coordination of the schedule.   In June, George and his crew of Aqua Kids and technical staff spent eight days shooting segments throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed.   

The eight Barnegat Bay segments feature terrapins, wetlands, maritime forests, dunes, sustainable fishing, clamming, stranded marine mammals, maritime history and culture, and more. 

AK2014-03 Barnegat Bay Partnership
Don’t miss this exciting episode of Aqua Kids! From exploring the salt marsh, to analyzing the diversity of New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay, this episode of Aqua Kids is jam-packed with fun things to learn!

AK2014-05 Project Terrapin
Who doesn’t love turtles? Join the Aqua Kids as they take part in Project Terrapin, a venture designed to maintain terrapin habitat and populations! You won’t want to miss it.

AK 2014-09 Island Beach State Park – Maritime Forest – Invasive Grasses
Ever wonder how we can better protect ourselves from strong storms? Well then, you’re in luck! Tune in to this week’s episode of Aqua Kids to learn about how two different environments can protect humans from storm surge!

AK2014-10 Marine Mammal Stranding Center & Pinelands Tour
Come along with the Aqua Kids as they head over to Brigantine, New Jersey to take part in a mock sea turtle rescue! And after, you won’t want to miss a beautiful tour of the New Jersey Pinelands!

AK2014-11 Sedge Island
Join the Aqua Kids in their adventures at Sedge Island in New Jersey! From kayaking around the salt marsh, to catching their own dinner, you won’t want to miss hanging out with the Aqua Kids for this exciting episode!

AK2014-12 Viking Village –Sea to Table
What’s better than sea-to-table? Come along with the Aqua Kids as they head from Viking Village, a commercial fishing dock, to Cuisine on the Green, a sustainable restaurant, to see just where the seafood we eat comes from!

AK2014-13 Tuckerton Seaport
You won’t want to miss this unique episode of Aqua Kids! Join the cast as they explore Tuckerton Seaport, a refurbished seaport turned museum that is dedicated to teaching its visitors about the importance of maritime history and culture. Plus, find out where Drew goes missing!

AK2014-14 Re-Clam the Bay and Rain Gardening
Gear up with the Aqua Kids as they learn all about efforts to Re-Clam New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay! Plus, you won’t want to miss a stop at a shore rain garden!

These eight Barnegat Bay episodes were made possible by the participation of BBP partners and stakeholders.  BBP thanks the following: Ocean County Vocational Technical School (OCVTS) Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Sciences (MATES), OCVTS Center for Culinary Arts, Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Georgian Court University, ReClam the Bay, Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, Viking Village, Tuckerton Seaport, Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Lighthouse Center for Natural Resource Education, and Sea Pirate Campground.