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Ecosystem modeling Workshop


This 4-day workshop hosted by the Barnegat Bay Partnership and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration brought together practitioners of ecosystem modeling and those interested in using these techniques to address management issues within the coastal zone. The first day of this workshop focused on the ways in which models in estuarine and near shore coastal habitats can be, and have been, used to support ecosystem based management. The subsequent days of the workshop were a hands-on tutorial in the use of one particular modeling package (Ecopath with Ecosim, or EwE).

March 12-15, 2012.

Ocean County College, Toms River, New Jersey

The instructors for the hands on tutorial included Dr. Villy Christensen of the University of British Columbia, the project leader for Ecopath development, and Dr. Howard Townsend, ecosystem modeler with NOAA's Chesapeake Bay Office.

      March 12 - Presentations on ecosystem modeling in support of management objectives and introduction
                        to EwE. 

      March 13-15 - Hands on training using Ecopath with Ecosim, and if time allows Ecospace.

      For a more detailed agenda click here.

To view a pdf of the presentations from Day 1 click on a link below:

                        Using ecosystem modeling for fisheries management – Dr. Villy Christensen, 
                        University of British Columbia

                        Ecosystem modeling in Chesapeake Bay; a multi-model approach – Dr. Howard Townsend,
                        NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office

                        Using Ecopath with Ecosim to explore nekton community response to freshwater
                        diversion into a Louisiana estuary – Dr. Kim De Mutsert, George Mason University

                        Ecosystem models: types and characteristics  - Dr. Villy Christensen and Dr. Howard

                        Introduction to Ecopath – Dr. Villy Christensen  



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